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Triple Glazing

Triple Glazing

Increase Energy Efficiency & Reduce Noise with Triple Glazing

Triple Glazing is simply the use of three panes of glass in a window frame rather than one or two, (double glazing). The reason home owners choose triple glazing over standard double glazing is to improve the energy efficiency of their home or reduce noise from outside. Energy Efficiency of windows is measured with U-Values with the lower the value the better. Single glazing has a U-Value of five and old double glazing is often around the three mark.

Due to new techniques and materials used new Double Glazed windows have a U-Value around the 1.5 mark and Triple Glazed units improve on this to nearer the one or 1.1 mark.

The benefits of Energy-Efficient Windows

Why you should choose triple glazing for your home windows

  • Smaller energy bills
  • Smaller carbon footprint for your home
  • Keep your family home warm with less heat loss and draughts
  • Insulate your home from outside noise
  • Reduce condensation inside windows

The costs and savings for energy-efficient glazing will be different for each home and each window, depending on its size and material, but with approximately a 20 year life, your windows will help you save money on energy bills for a long time.

To choose the most energy efficient windows for your home look out for the BFRC rating or talk to a member of our experienced team who will be happy to discuss the benefits of triple glazing or energy efficient windows further.

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